Considering Weight Loss Surgery? Read This First

Many people who are obese have struggled for many years to lose the excess weight. They have tried weight loss programs, weight loss pills and many other weight loss diets. But after trying for many years with no results, a lot of people will turn to weight loss surgery as a last resort to lose those unwanted pounds. But weight loss surgery should not be taken lightly. It is not for everyone. Read on to discover some of the problems with weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery is a procedure where the stomach is reduced to approximately the size of a walnut. This is done by either a lap band procedure or the actual cutting away of the excess stomach pouch and re-routing the rest of the stomach to make it smaller.

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Once you have the weight loss surgery, you will have to progress your food intake very slowly. You will be allowed nothing but liquids in the first stage of your food progression. This will be for the first two to three days. If your stomach is unable to handle the amount of food that you put into it, you will vomit.

The next step would be pureed foods. These are foods that have been blended and have the consistency of baby food. This will be your diet for three to four weeks. You can then be advanced to soft foods for about eight weeks until you are ready to try regular textured foods.

Once you have the weight loss surgery, you will be required to take a handful of vitamins and nutrients to replace what you won't be getting from your food. You will also need to drink enough water keep hydrated.

What you need to remember with weight loss surgery is that you have to change your way of eating and your way of looking at food. If you eat out of stress or depression and you look at food as a comfort mechanism, then weight loss surgery may not be right for you. Until you can change what food means to you and truly change your eating habits, weight loss surgery will be pointless.

It is possible to gain the weight back after weight loss surgery if you fall back into your old eating habits. If you do, all the pain and work that you have done to loss the weight will be in vain.

Before you resort to something as drastic as weight loss surgery, consider trying to change your eating habits first. If you learn to eat 4 or more small meals a day and if you can make those meals healthy ones, you may be pleasantly surprised by the progress you make in your weight loss.

The key to any weight loss is to change your eating habits for good. If you don't, even weight loss surgery won't be able to help you.

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